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Melamine boards are made up of two basic elements: the board itself and the melamine paper, which are joined by pressure and heat to form a resistant and durable decorative element for the manufacture of different projects. The diversity of offer is given by the numerous possible combinations of any of the designs, with all the finishes, in any type and thickness of board.

Maderas Humanes works the following melamine:


  • Chipboard Standard

  • Chipboard H (moisture resistant)

  • Chipboard I (fire resistant)


  • Standard MDF board

  • MDF board H (moisture resistant)

  • MDF board I (fire resistant)


  • Standard SuperPan Board

In all types of boards are offered:

  • Designs: more than 65, grouped into 3 categories (Solid, Fantasy and Wood).

  • Finishes: 9 textures (Smooth, Cottone, Mesh, Cosmos, Super-matte, Ash Pore, Rain Pore, Soft III and Soft).

  • Different thicknesses depending on the support used, ranging between 2.5 and 40 mm.

  • Standard measurements: 2,440 x 1,220 mm. and 2,850 x 1,220 mm. Consult the manufacture and / or stocks of these measures on all supports or other available measures.

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