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Cutting boards to measure and on the spot, edging, cabinet fronts and interiors, shelf modules, shelves, countertops, drawers, moldings and slats, lattices, friezes, legs, turning, cork, polyurethane beams, PVC floors, pallets, wallpapers, adhesives, silicones, screws, etc.

Taller de madera

At Maderas y Tableros Humanes we have become leaders in the trade and distribution of wood and boards in Madrid. We are backed by more than two decades of experience in the sector. The journey of our family business began in 1988 and since then we have put on sale a wide range of top quality products for professional jobs.

Located in Humanes de Madrid, to the south of the Community and a few kilometers from the capital, at first we worked for small carpentry shops in the area, but soon we began to serve other types of larger companies. Many of them dedicated to assembling structures and furniture for large surfaces.

madera contrachapada
Insured and Guaranteed

We have high quality materials, the best cutting and edging operators and our transports are fast and safe.

Your work will have the quality that your clients deserve.

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